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My name is Guillaume and I'm yet another Frenchie in the United States. I am the DS manager for Host Quality at Airbnb. My team focuses on quantitative impact of stay Quality with two major objectives: 1) Capturing as much signal from our review process and 2) Helping hosts with their performance. 
In the past, I ran the Data Science team at Lyft for Mapping. My team was responsible for making the user experience frictionless with our best ETA and best localization of PAX , DVR !

This blog is about my professional passion in Analytics and how to leverage it to improve business. I'll post across 3 dimensions: Computer Science, Data Science and Business Analytics. Follow me to stay informed of my latest adventures in the tech world.

On a technical side, my favorite tools are Python for general programming / statistical modeling, C++ for performance computing and Presto / Spark for ingesting and transforming raw data at scale.

My extra-curriculum passions are: Sailing, Scuba Diving,  Hiking and reading History books.

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