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What I like about Tableau 9.0 ...

Tableau is about to get a major overhaul and it looks very good. I was invited to the Beta and the final product pleasantly surprised me by its quality. It looks neat and sleek. But, what's new in the box? I will go through the improvements I liked. 1- The improved Look and Feel: Right from the start, you can feel that the UX team has done some good work on the User Experience. At soon as you open it, you have that warm feeling. As a bonus, you can now save your datasource (which saves a good deal of time when starting a new project) and it would appear at the bottom left of the Welcome screen. Folder:  A major drawback of previous releases was the clutter that wide dataset would generate with 200+ data fields, in addition to the calculated fields. As of 9.0, Tableau introduces folders, a neat way to organize your data: Very useful!  Improved Calculated fields: Now integrating auto-suggest (finally!), calculated fields are much easier to create and manage. More