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The future of Purchase Attribution

The Online Ad industry is alive and well. A specialist firm reports double digit growth where Total Display is expected to amount to over $90B worldwide by 2017, a roaring 18% CACR since 2014. With this influx of investment, Marketers will expect to see improvements in measurement methodologies and we are already seeing sign of it in in this area.  The perennial problem of Purchase Attribution Let's take an example to illustrate this famous problem: Betty is an avid internet user. As she is showing signs of future Apparel purchase, H&M buys her address and send her a promotional email on Day 0. Two days later, she is targeted a second time on her mobile while doing a search on Google. Finally, on Day 4, she connects to Facebook and clicks one of those Carousel ad leading to a purchase on H&M site. Who should get the credit for the purchase ? Facebook?  The Past: Last click The simplest (and now outdated) attribution methodology was to give credit t